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Published on 08/11/2011

"Euro Gusto", civic-minded taste buds!

The Euro Gusto biennial event draws on the Slow Food movement.Who are the members of this movement?

Eugenio Mailler:"Slow Food" originated in Italy in 1986 in order to defendculinary pleasures. This eco-gastronomic association is waging a battle in favour of agriculture and food t (...)

Published on 08/11/2011

One Loire, many terroirs...

Epicurean, classic, explorer or expert... what is your profile? The answer to this question determines what activities the "Vins de Loire" (Loire wines) iPhone application proposes. Epicureans won't want to miss out: organising a weekend with activities that wine connoisseurs wil (...)

Published on 08/11/2011

Talent: The "glamour" sculptures by Laurence Dréano

Her eyes sparkle when she starts talking about her sculptures.Her lips curve into a smile, her voice gets deeper and her hands describe a rounded outline, caressing the air. In her workshop in Fondettes, Laurence Dréano plays with materials such as clay, resin and sometimes broLaurence's figures are characterised by their striking colours - fuchsias, reds, gold (...)

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