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Published on 17/03/2017

The magazine for your holidays in Loire Valley

From great castles to the engaging Vienne Valley and include the new contemporary art centre Olivier Debré (CCCOD), the Loire Valley is a big garden where delicious perfumes mix… read the magazine and breath!

Published on 10/03/2017

Experimental exhibitions at the CCCOD

Tours’s Centre de Création Contemporaine Olivier Debré, or CCCOD, is the striking new incarnation of the city’s contemporary arts centre, re-named in honour of an inspiring Loire artist. A major draw for contemporary art, it’s easily accessible to all.

Published on 27/02/2017

Destination Prehistory at the Le Grand-Pressigny museum

From the 8th of March, the "Women in Prehistory" exhibition will be leading the cultural season at this wonderful southern Touraine museum in the Loire Valley, which will also be holding quite a few children’s workshops during the school holidays.

Published on 25/02/2017

The extraordinary Garden of France

Fertile Touraine is known to the French as ‘the Garden of France’ and the Tourangeaux are proud of this accolade, reflecting the beautiful abundance of their lands. Let’s open wide the gates to Touraine’s gardening history.

Published on 20/02/2017

Tours Cathedral

The south tower of Tours Cathedral stands 69 metres tall, the north tower a mere 68 metres. Although its impressive size means the monument can be seen from afar, it is also well worth a closer look. Let’s go and see!

Published on 20/02/2017

The cellars of Loire vineyards and their warm welcome

Château Gaudrelle, Plou et Fils, Château de l’Aulée, Les Caves du Père Auguste, Monplaisir cellar, Paradis vineyards and Charles Pain.: in January, these seven cellar attractions in Touraine were all rewarded for the warm welcome they offer tourists!

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The E.U. supports tourist sites’ Quality approach