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Study French in Loire Valley, France. Language holidays with french lessons. Study French in Loire Valley © Institut de Touraine

With six establishments offering French language courses, Touraine’s attractive language opportunities draw thousands of students from around the world each year to study French for a few days, or to pursue a certificate (Diplôme d’Étude en Langue Française, Test de Connaissance du Français), or for a language immersion experience lasting several months.

In addition to providing language courses, these schools also provide individual housing and host family packages.

The keys to success

Inhabitants of the Loire Valley and especially those in Touraine have a reputation for speaking French with a neutral accent. 19thcentury French author Alfred de Vigny once wrote: “Their language is the purest French, with neither slowness, haste, nor accent - the cradle of the language is there, close to the cradle of the monarchy.”   

The quality of instruction naturally contributes to spreading Touraine’s reputation in a positive way. Immersed in the heart of France, with training provided by professionals with years of teaching experience, students learn quickly, regardless of their initial level. The length of available language courses varies from one week to a year, to suit the different needs of students whose ages range from 11... to 85!

Another important consideration is that the art of living in Touraine is not just a slogan. Budget wise, the cost of living in Touraine is very affordable (accommodations, food, outings...). As for the environment, Tours is a moderately-sized university town that boasts a wide range of festive, cultural and athletic activities: everything is conducive to making friendships with other students in no time at all. Amboise and Loches are just a few kilometres away, with a more relaxed atmosphere yet undeniable charm, as evidenced by the thousands of tourists who travel here each year to admire the famous Loire Valley castles. Lastly, Touraine is ideally located: Paris is just 1 hour away by train, and the Atlantic beaches are around 3 hours by train!

Language schools

1/ Clé, in Tours

Established in 1985 and located in the historic area of Tours, Clé provides French courses in a small group setting, with an average of 5 students. ;

2/ Eurocentres, in Amboise

There are 29 Eurocentres language schools around the world. Amboise is one of the 3 French schools.‎/en ;

3/ L’Institut de Touraine, in Tours

School founded in 1912, under the educational supervision of Université de Tours. Obtained the "Qualité FLE” label (French as a foreign language) in 2007. French courses for adults and teenagers (linguistic and cultural stays). ;

4/ St Denis International School, in Loches

Near the Royal City of Loches, students (young people and professors) at the St Denis International School can study French for a school year, or take summer courses, as well as integration courses (in set groups). ;

5/ Tours Langues

General French language instruction in the morning and instruction based on specific goals in the afternoon – this is what the Tours Langues school has in store for you.

6/ L'Université de Tours

The ‘Centre Universitaire d’Enseignement du Français pour Etudiants Etrangers’ (C.U.E.F.E.E. – French for foreign students department) provides an opportunity for students to improve their French language skills in order facilitate their access to university coursework.

Private Courses

Other option: after several years of teaching in language school, Céline Pastor offers French individual lessons for foreigners.

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