Spa resorts for a romantic getaway in Loire Valley

Spa resort of the castle-hotel d'Artigny, in Montbazon. Loire Valley, France. Spa resorts for a romantic getaway

If your only desire is to be pampered, or if you are urgently in need of some rest and relaxation... Why not take advantage of a trip to Loire Valley to get away from the stress of daily life and to take care of yourself? Come and enjoy the services provided by our various spas and wellness centres.

A romantic getaway in a spa resort

A full range of wellness services are available to you: body sculpting, massages and access to the wellness centres. And the icing on the cake, pricing for these services is comparable to what you would find elsewhere.

Some hotels have their own wellness centre, open to outisders too, like l'Univers, Château d'Artigny, Château de Beaulieu, Relais du Plessis, Les Hauts de Sainte Maure, L'Art Hôtel, Clarion Hôtel Château Belmont, L'Aubinière or Au charme Rabelaisien.   

Wellness weekend for lovers in L'Aubinière - Loire Valley
L'Aubinière, a nice place for a romantic getaway.

Some lodges also have this type of equipment, like le manoir du parc, les quatre saisons, la maison du pressoir or the accommodation holidays of the Gringolerie.    

Hut with Jacuzzi in the Manoir du Parc
Hut with spa of the Manoir du Parc.

A specialised institute and some aquatic centres

The spadium of Monts, the aquatic centre of the Lac, and the Avoine swimming pool have hammam and sauna. A good thing to have a good... time!

In Loches, you can also relax yourself in a specialised institute: Les Bains Douches.

Wellness weekend - Bain-Douches in the city of Loches, Loire Valley.
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The E.U. supports tourist sites’ Quality approach